Inked Memories
Graphic Designer

Inked Memories

Graphic Designer


About Me

"The best moments are inked into your memory"

I'm a 25 years old and Spaniard who is a really creative person; I love any kind of art experience, from painting, music, writing, designing to photography. Art is the best way to express yourself, it shows you how you truly are...
I've been working with my artistic side for 6 years now, basically with the "designing" one...the writing thing started few months ago.

Anyway, if you want to know a bit more about me, check the other tables and learn which is my fandom...


My Fandom

Jared Leto
Ryan Gosling
Dominic Monaghan
Russell Crowe
Jack Black
Shia LaBeouf
Ian Somerhalder
Rachel Weisz
Sandra Bullock
Debrah Messing
Rachael McAdams
Liv Tyler
30 Seconds to Mars
Simple Plan
Dead Mans Bones
Vanessa Amorosi
Kelly Clarkson

My Awards

These are the awards I've won so far:
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